7 Best Plant Grow Lights in Australia 2022

david jones

Walk in: grow lights.

If you haven’t added grow lights to your plant care kit but always intended to, then you’ve come to the right place. With grow lights becoming more and more prevalent in the plant space, it is important to find the best grow lights that will keep your golden pothos golden and your zanzibar gem looking vibrant.

Grow lights use electricity to produce light particles which plants use for photosynthesis and plants use photons of a certain wavelength/color to produce energy – that’s why no old light LED cannot be used as a “grow light”. Grow lights are designed to optimize seedling and plant growth, especially during the winter when the sun hides (most often).

So don’t be caught off guard this season. Keep your indoor plants greener than ever with our top picks of grow lights to add to your collection of plant care products.

1. Home Grown Tabletop Grow Light, $54.99, Myer


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Adorable, elegant and functional. With its Scandinavian-inspired design and adjustable lamp height, your desk plants will stay happy and healthy through the seasons.

2. Halo Potted Grow Light, $17.66, Amazon


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With four brightness settings and an easy-to-assemble design, this Halo grow light from Amazon is one of the sleekest options on the market today. Simply insert this elegant halo light directly into your potted plant and watch it work its magic. Moreover, the halo light is height adjustable to fit various house plants.

3. Certa 300W LED grow light, $101, Kogan


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Comprised of 60 full-spectrum 5W LEDs for optimal plant growth, the Certa grow light mimics sunlight and features red lights that help with seed germination and blue lights that help grow stems and seeds. healthy leaves.

4. Greenlife LED Herb Grow Light Kit, $79, Catch.com.au


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This is your sign to start your own mini herb garden. The Greenlife LED Herb Garden Grow Kit includes everything you need to grow your favorite herbs; an LED grow light and four built-in self-watering pots, all contained in one sleek unit – just add water.

5. LED Grow Light Clip, $36.70, Amazon


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Clamp it on your shelf or desk and easily adjust the positioning of this grow light with its flexible neck. Its high quality LEDs are soft, bright and perfect for indoor seedlings, indoor potted plants and/or greenhouses.

6. Homemade Indoor Garden, $99.99, Myer


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If herbs and microgreens are always in high rotation in your home, you’ll want to invest in a mini indoor herb garden. This one from Myer can hold up to three 14cm pots – making all your friends on the counter envious.

7. BreezeyGro LED Grow Lights, $59, David Jones


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Say goodbye to sad plants this winter, BreezyGro LED lights will give your baby plants the right amount of light they need to thrive. Featuring three flexible light tubes, a built-in timer, blue, red, and combo light settings, it’s perfect for soil or hydroponic plants.

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