A huge thunderstorm lights up the skies of Toronto and the photos and videos are epic

After two days of a brutal, soupy heat wave that never seemed to end, Toronto was graced with a brief reprieve of rain last night as under a severe thunderstorm watch that brought high winds, tree damage, flooding and tornado warnings to other parts of southern Ontario.

Conditions over the past few days prompted Environment Canada to issue a heat warning and even broke a 168-year record in the city before Wednesday night’s intermittent downpours arrived, and while the storm didn’t hit us too hard per Compared to other parts of the region, one part was definitely something to see: the lightning show.

The night sky was completely lit up with bright flashes behind the thick cloud cover, giving a very eerie vibe to an otherwise sultry summer night.

Residents took to their balconies to watch, and some of the photos and video footage captured as a result were absolutely breathtaking.

The skies looked threatening, with the promise of huge downpours that never really hit their peak. Instead we had flurries of showers that kicked in randomly and seemed to fade just as quickly.

The lightning, meanwhile, was constant, continuing in bursts for hours.

While some clips show it pulsing behind cloud cover, others show it crackling across the sky, which looked very cool from high vantage points.

Images have absolutely abounded on social media, with people absolutely in awe of the natural phenomenon.

Words to describe it included ‘fun’, ‘spectacular’, ‘crazy’, ‘amazing’ and just plain ‘cool’, with plenty of fun to have secured a front row seat to the action.

It was definitely a rare and epic performance from mother nature, and it served as a good distraction from the heat which persists today – albeit to a lesser extent thankfully – with temperatures resembling 34C under sunny skies .

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