CTE Drivers Flash Hazard Lights As Thanks For Giving In, S’poreans Praise Healthy Gesture

Drivers turn on hazard lights to say thank you on the road

Singaporean drivers are always encouraged to show courtesy to other road users so that everyone can have a safe and smooth journey.

Recently, a group of drivers on the Central Expressway (CTE) did just that. They adopted the Japanese method of flashing their hazard lights to say thank you.


I tried the double signal “Thank you” while driving in Singapore 🇸🇬🚘 #doublesignal #sgroads #sgtraffic #sgtiktok

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The heartwarming sight touched netizens, who expressed their admiration for the courteous act of the drivers.

Drivers flash hazard warning lights twice to say thank you

On Tuesday (April 26), user @kwakseonghoon shared dashcam footage of the wholesome moment on his TikTok page.

He was driving along CTE when a white car ahead moved to the left so he could overtake.

Source: @kwakseonghoon on TikTok

To thank the driver for giving in, OP flashed his hazard lights twice.

flash drivers thanks

Source: @kwakseonghoon on TikTok

Later, as he continued on his way, he saw a black car approaching from behind and in a “role reversal”, decided to give way.

As the OP did earlier, the driver flashed the car’s hazard lights twice as a thank you.

flash drivers thanks

Source: @kwakseonghoon on TikTok

OP then let out a laugh, clearly amused by the cute gesture.

Singaporeans praise drivers for polite and sane gesture

Seeing the wholesome encounter, many TikTok users left comments praising the drivers for their kind and wholesome behavior.

Many praised the drivers for showing kindness to their fellow road users.

flash drivers thanks

Source: @kwakseonghoon on TikTok

Some noted that this on-road thank you method is not common in Singapore, so they were excited to see drivers using it.

Source: @kwakseonghoon on TikTok

One of them expressed the wish that all road users in Singapore adopt this driving culture so that everyone can have a pleasant journey.

Source: @kwakseonghoon on TikTok

A small act of kindness goes a long way

It’s certainly a refreshing change from the usual negative reports of disreputable road antics.

As the saying goes, “no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”. Although it was just a simple act, the gesture clearly lifted the spirits not only of the drivers, but also of everyone who watched the video.

Hopefully we’ll continue to see more of these positive vibes down the road.

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Featured image adapted from @kwakseonghoon on TikTok.

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