Dramatic ‘massive flash’ moment lights up the sky as 1,400 properties are plunged into darkness


It’s the dramatic moment a huge flash lit the sky above Ramsbottom this morning.

Some 1,431 properties in the city were plunged into darkness due to a power outage earlier today.

Stunned residents said they saw a “massive flash” moments before they ran out of power.

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Tony Slack tweeted: “I saw a huge flash lighting up the sky across the field where I am standing just before the power went down at 7am, then another flash 5 minutes later!”

The mysterious flash was captured on dashcam footage by a motorist passing through Ramsbottom shortly before 7.15am.

The video shows the driver crossing the junction with Dundee Lane before the sky ahead to the northeast is suddenly lit by a dazzling flash of light.

Dazzling lightning over downtown Ramsbottom this morning

Electricity North West later confirmed that a power outage affected homes and businesses in the BL0 postal code area. Engineers have been dispatched to resolve the issue.

It was also reported that it affected traffic and street lighting in the area.

A Ramsbottom resident, who asked not to be named, said he was first “awakened by the shrill sound of house alarms which all went off in a cacophony of howling” at around 4 a.m. morning.

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They added, “It must have happened at least three times after that as well. The power was on and off.

“There was a symphony of alarms all night long.”

An Electricity North West spokesperson said: “We have received reports of a power outage affecting 1,431 properties in Ramsbottom this morning at 7:25 am, caused by an outage in the overhead power grid.

“We responded immediately and after visiting the site and making repairs, engineers were able to restore power to over 1,000 properties by 10:30 am.

“Engineers remained on site and power was restored to 290 other properties at 2:30 pm and are now working to restore power to the other affected properties.”

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