Good Housekeeping insists vibrators are no longer a taboo for its readers


Good Housekeeping has entertained women of a certain age for over 130 years, but it seems this mainstay of British magazines isn’t afraid to serve the needs of the modern woman.

The July edition includes a column that sees women testing vibrators – in an effort, according to its editors, to allow readers to make “an informed choice” about sexual aids.

The editors of the magazine, best known for its articles on interiors or healthy home cooking recipes, asked 270 women to spend two weeks familiarizing themselves with 27 bedroom toys.

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I’ll get what she has! The Good Housekeeping Institute has revealed that despite its readers’ average age of 55, their annual article on sexual aids is no longer considered taboo.

Love Honey Desire clitoral vibrator, priced at £ 44.99, was biggest pleasure giver in magazine survey

The Ruby Glow, a

The Love Honey Desire clitoral vibrator, priced at £ 44.99, was the biggest pleasure giver in the magazine’s survey. Right, the Ruby Glow, a ‘slip-on vibrator’ scored high in the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Tried-and-tested feature, with reviews rating it 71/100

Those who tested marriage aid were between the ages of 31 and 76, ensuring that the magazine’s key demographic – women around 55 – were covered.

So which vibrators have impressed? According to the ladies at Good Housekeeping, the Love Honey Desire clitoral vibrator, priced at £ 44.99, was the biggest giver of pleasure.

About nine in ten testers loved the compact form of the silicone toy, which uses a USB stick to recharge and comes with “eight wave and pulse patterns”.

The Ruby Glow followed closely behind, described as a ‘non-penetrating ride-on vibrator’, priced at £ 39.99.

Those who tested the toys were asked to judge them on six key areas, including appearance, ease of use, noise levels, speeds and vibrations, comfort and fun, and how quickly the orgasm has been reached, if any.

The vibrators went on to receive a rating out of 100, with the winner reaching 74.

Those nominated for the dildo slump included the Lelo INA Wave, which got one of the lowest scores at 59.

The Durex Ultimate Pleasure Multifunction Vibrating Stimulator also failed, scratching only 55 points.

In a survey that accompanied the Try-and-Test feature, the Institute found that more than half of the women surveyed already own a vibrator. Only 9 percent agreed that vibrators were still a taboo subject, with some 81 percent of women saying they felt comfortable discussing sexual aids with their partners.

Ramsey Rabbit 7-speed Rocks-off scored a dismal 53

Like rabbits? The £ 45 Perlesque Eris, left, and the £ 19.99 Rocks-off Ramsey Rabbit, right, got 67 and 53 points respectively.

Good Housekeeping Associate Editor-in-Chief Michelle Hather said yesterday the magazine no longer sees marriage assistance as a taboo.

She said: “Vibrators are less taboo and more accessible than ever. The internet is certainly behind an increase in the use of sex toys, as people can order everything from pleasure condoms to vibrators in the shop. privacy of their own home.

She added, “There are many different options to choose from, which is why the GoodHousekeeping Institute tested them to find the best ones on the market so women can make an informed choice.”

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