How electric cars could help you keep the lights on during Storm Eunice’s blackouts

Kia home charging station

With Storm Eunice hitting the country, there is a risk that many homes will be left without power.

However, there might be a fix for keeping the lights on – and it’s parked in the driveway of some homes.

Electric vehicle experts at say electric vehicles could come to the rescue in the event of a power outage, as some are capable of being used as generators to power homes.

Kia EV6

With 100mph winds hitting some areas, if homes are left without power, these vehicles could help keep the fridge-freezer running and the house warm.

This does not apply to all EVs, but some such as the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 come with a “vehicle to home” configuration which allows energy stored in the vehicle’s battery to be sent at home. reports that the average battery capacity of an electric vehicle would be able to power a home for several days.

Ginny Buckley, Founder and CEO of, said: “If you have a power outage today or this weekend, we want drivers to know their electric car could come to the rescue – technology smart built into some models could generate enough power to keep the fridge cold, the kettle boiling and, in some cases, power an entire house for days.

Buckley was also keen to dismiss a common myth about owning electric vehicles, saying they could certainly be used in wet conditions, if essential travel was required.

With Storm Eunice in full swing, motoring organizations have warned drivers to avoid hitting the road where possible.

This morning the RAC said early indications are that most people are taking the weather seriously, with traffic much lighter than usual. He also reported that the types of jobs his patrols attend have changed, with people caught off guard by snow and flash flooding in the north.

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