Jessica Biel jokes about “magical” vaginas, enhanced vibrators


Jessica bienne had some candid words to say about vaginas during her AMA Reddit with Saundra Pelletier for WomanCare Global’s “So Who Will It” campaign on Thursday, October 29 – calling them both “magical” and “scary! “

While chatting with Pelletier, Biel reflected on what should be the most important takeaway in the conversation. And they figured a little intimate humor wouldn’t hurt.

“We could be really serious about it… or we couldn’t,” Biel said. “I mean we could literally say something funny about…. I guess we should be serious,” she added.

“We could do both,” Pelletier suggested. “We could say ‘Vaginas are awesome! Almost everyone comes from a woman!’ We could use the line you said – anything that bleeds for seven days and lives is amazing. “

“We could go with your line, like vaginas are magic things. I like that,” Justin Timberlake’s wife added. “Or go with the idea that vaginas are weird and scary, and they bleed for seven days, so don’t trust them!”

“THIS IS AN IMPORTANT DECLINE,” Pelletier added in a loud voice. “I think everyone should know more about vaginas – everyone benefits!”

Turning from female anatomy, Biel then offered her thoughts on the most important advice a mother should give to her child.

“All we really, really have left in this world that we can control is our own integrity,” Bienne said, turning serious. “I don’t mean that as sexual integrity, I mean that as a human being. It comes down to what Saundra said – you choose. You choose how you live your life, what you deserve. good with yourself. Don’t worry about all that other bullshit, “she continued.

But it wasn’t long before the new mother Biel cleared up the tone again! The actress gave a surprisingly cheeky answer to a seemingly innocent question: “What has improved dramatically over the years?”

Lightning fast, the 33-year-old star replied, “Vibrators!”

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