Knog Blinder Link illuminates saddles and racks for maximum visibility

Posted on July 28, 2022 by Andrew McLemore

Do you cycle to work on busy roads? Or do you frequently weigh down your commute by bringing groceries home?

If so, Knog has a new rear bike light aimed at keeping your gear visible and safe, even when covered by full racks and multiple panniers.

On July 21, the Australian bicycle company announced the release of the Blinder Link. It is a rear bike light that comes with multiple mounting options. Riders can purchase the light with a mounting system for a rack or the saddle. This allows riders to choose where to mount their taillight based on their riding style and preference.

“More and more, we’re seeing people load up their bikes and use them as a vehicle, especially in big cities,” said Knog co-founder and designer Hugo Davidson. “And with those extra saddlebags or bags, we see less and less room to mount clearly visible lights, so we wanted to find a creative way to take our beloved Blinder V design and incorporate it into a new style of mount – one that would always be visible on a cargo bike with a rack full of groceries.

Light characteristics

Two versions of the Blinder Link exist: the Blinder Link Saddle and the Blinder Link Rack. Although the tight range comes with new mounting options, it is essentially a different take on Knog’s Blinder V.

With a maximum brightness of 100 lumens, the Blinder Link offers decent power for an LED taillight. It also comes with eight different lighting modes. Using the most energy-efficient mode, eco-flash, Knog claims the light will last 50 hours at intermittent bursts of 35 lumens.

On the highest light mode, a continuous beam of 35 lumens, the light lasts for four hours. Or to use its peak brightness, riders can opt for High Flash, which Knog says lasts seven hours.

When the Blinder Link’s USB-C rechargeable battery drops below 10% of its remaining charge, an LED lights up red, signaling riders to plug it in.

Knog Blinder Link Saddle

Mounting options

Both the Blinder Link Saddle and Rack offer a lightweight design, with 77g for the saddle and 74g for the rack.

The Blinder Link Rack will mount to both racks and saddles. It fits 50mm or 80mm spacing for most racks and stands. The saddle, meanwhile, comes with a universal saddle rail mount to save space on the seat post or accommodate dropper posts.

Both mounting options are clip-on portable, so riders can clip the light to a belt, bag, or pocket for extra visibility.

Price and availability

The Blinder Link Saddle and Blinder Link Rack will sell for $60. They will be available later this summer on the Knog website. The company has not specified a specific date for the release of the lights.

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