Know when to use your hazard warning lights

Before you buckle up and drive, you should make sure you know how to use all of the car’s features. This article will help you understand the proper use of hazard warning lights.

Vehicles are equipped with hazard warning lights that help car owners indicate nearby cars of vehicle trouble. Hazard warning lights are part of passive safety and can greatly help owners in an emergency.

However, most car owners are unaware of the correct situation to flash the hazard warning lights. Do you see yourself in the same problem? In this case, this article will tell you about the exact cases of using hazard warning lights. Let’s go!

When you get arrested

Do you see those red and blue lights flashing behind your vehicle? Since you need to park, you can turn on these hazard lights to indicate the same. Turning on the hazard warning lights tells traffic cops that you have recognized them and that you will park the car as soon as possible. So if you get pulled over next time, be sure to flash the hazard lights!


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Car accident

As the name suggests, hazard lights come in handy in a dangerous situation or when you’re in trouble. If you are involved in an accident or something is wrong with your vehicle, you can turn on your hazard warning lights. Flashing hazard warning lights will alert passing cars that you are involved in an accident or need assistance with your vehicle.

car tire change

Many people make the mistake of not turning on their hazard lights when fixing their car tires. Failing to turn on the hazard warning lights can be potentially dangerous for the parked car. If you need to replace your car’s tires, turn on the hazard warning lights before starting work. It is essential to turn on the headlights, especially when parked in a low visibility area.


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Car breakdown

If you are having car trouble, you may need to stop your car. Once you do, be sure to turn on the hazard lights. The hazard warning lights will help other drivers understand that your vehicle is not performing well. In addition, the flashing hazard warning lights also allow rushing cars to spot you and avoid collisions in a low visibility area.

Driving through a funeral procession

Most car owners don’t know that they should use their hazard lights when driving a funeral procession. This is one of the lesser known applications of hazard warning lights. Flashing the hazard warning lights will help other drivers understand that a funeral procession is taking place and they should slow their vehicle speed.


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Knowing when and how to use hazard warning lights can help you become a more responsible driver. Be sure to use hazard warning lights wisely!

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