Lineker knocks out Fernandes for the title

They call John Lineker “Hands of Stone” for a reason.

Lineker (35-9) dethroned bantamweight champion Bibiano Fernandes (24-5) in the co-main event of ‘ONE Championship: Lights Out’ on Friday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Lineker stalked Fernandes to start with Fernandes returning a few leg kicks. Fernandes drove Lineker to the mat, but Lineker was able to come back up. As soon as Lineker got up, he started planting bombs and wobbled Fernandes with a big left hook. Lineker accompanied him as the pair exchanged thick leather in the pocket.

During the shootout, Fernandes was able to drop Lineker to the counter with his own left hook, but once they hit the ground, Lineker reversed his position and finished the rest of the round in top position while landing on some ground. solid. grind.

Round 2 started with Lineker ripping through the body, but Fernandes landed a takedown. However, once again Lineker came back up and eventually found a perfect home for his left hook, which knocked out Fernandes and won Lineker the gold.

Lineker, a former UFC standout, was successful in his pre-fight prediction and received a $50,000 bonus for his highlight finish.

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