Rathmines resident upset to suddenly find herself under the bright lights – The Irish Times

Diane O’Dwyer, who lives in a six-house terrace in Lower Rathmines Road, says she returned from vacation to find a huge LED sign shining outside her house and the homes of others on the road.

The LED sign boasts of being “eye-catching”, “illuminating” and “vibrant”, but that’s a bit too much for some Rathmines residents who, like O’Dwyer, live nearby.

Dublin City Council says it has received “multiple” complaints about the notice board. “We are not disclosing the exact number as this matter is currently under investigation,” he said in a statement.

“Contacts are ongoing with affected parties regarding this signaling and the specific complaints associated with it.”

He confirmed that Dublin City Council’s Planning Enforcement Section was investigating the complaints in question.

The sign was erected on Saturday and, according to Ms O’Dwyer, it’s so bright that even when she closes the shutters in her bedroom, she can still see it flashing. Ms O’Dwyer described the sign as “enormous” and the experience of living next to it as “like being in a nightclub”.

“This billboard changes every 10 seconds and when it changes it creates a flash effect that goes through the whole house. I had to move to the back of the house – it’s so bright. It’s just awful. I can’t believe this is legal. We cannot block it,” she said.

“These things should be banned in residential areas. They are incredibly brilliant,” she said. A similar sign was erected on Ranelagh Road.

Ms O’Dwyer said she measured the panel’s brightness and found it to be 5,499 Lux at night, which lighting engineers told her was 20 times the legal limit.

Ms O’Dwyer said she thought the panel’s brightness was turned down on Wednesday night following her complaints on RTÉ’s Liveline program, but not enough, she said.

Planning permission for the sign has been granted by Dublin City Council for the notice board located above Eddie Rockets at 284 Rathmines Road Lower.

He was appealed by Cllr Mannix Flynn at An Bord Pleánala. Permission was given on the basis that its maximum luminance would not exceed 250 canderels per square meter.

“We weren’t even told, let alone asked for our consent,” Ms O’Dwyer said.

Dublin City Council confirmed they had donated the billboard and the site, on the Eddie Rockets side, was deemed acceptable for such publicity.

Permission was granted subject to a number of conditions, including that there would be no animation, flashing, 3-D effects, noise, smoke, or full-motion video. Transitions from one video to another would be done by fading rather than flash.

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