Razer Chroma lights not turning on or not turning on partially and color issues are incorrect

Razer Chroma RGB is a tool that allows users to take full control of the lighting systems found on various Chroma-enabled gaming peripherals.

Lately, Razer users are facing Chroma related issues which are ruining their experience.

Razer ‘Chroma RGB’ lights turn on partially or not at all

Razor RGB Chroma users have reported that lights turn on partially or not at all on various gaming peripherals (1,2,3,4,5).

The lighting seems to work well when users change the Chroma effect to static. But if they use the wave lighting effect or their custom lighting profile, it disconnects and reconnects randomly.


the keyboard worked fine when i bought it, then after a while the lights wouldn’t turn on, then sometimes it worked, but only half of the RGB LED worked and only the red one worked, can someone it help?

I’ve been using the Cynosa Chroma for quite a while now and out of nowhere it has stopped tapping. The keys still light up and flash in RGB, but if I press a key, everything else turns off and the key lights up green. Razer Synapse also stopped recognizing the keyboard and when I went to check the drivers on my computer it showed the USB was unrecognizable, but comparing it to other Razer USBs it looks just fine, it so there may be an internal problem, but if so, then why does the keyboard always turn on? If anyone could help that would be great, thanks!

Many users say that the devices were working fine when they bought them but now they are facing this issue.

Bad lighting color problem

This issue is related to devices not lighting up in the colors you want. Users can still change colors, but not their custom colors. This issue always occurs before Windows or Synapse loads.

In an ideal situation, all of the device lighting should be displayed the same as it passes through different colors, but this is not the case.

I recently received a new gaming mouse from Razor. Everything works fine except for the dang led in the mouse wheel. It flickers back and forth from the color I set it (gray) to a dark green. It does this for other colors as well, but different colors instead of green. I noticed that when I hit the mouse wheel, this tends to happen. At one point it worked fine when I turned the resistance all the way down, but now it doesn’t matter. Ideas?

Users have also tried restoring factory settings, creating a new profile, disabling and reinstalling Synapse, but nothing solves these issues.

However, a Reddit user suggested that Razor’s support team helped him resolve this issue. So it recommends you to connect with them if you are having these issues.

I had a big problem with Razer Synapse and game integration for Chroma. But Razer support team gave me advice and actions and finally helped me to fix the problem. Thanks to the support team. thumbs up

We hope Razer resolves all RGB Chroma lighting issues as soon as possible. When they do, we’ll update this space to reflect the same, so stay tuned.

Featured Image: Razer

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