The disgusting reason these microwave lights were blinking – check yours now

IF your microwave has been flashing you lately, you should hope it’s not for the same shocking reason discovered by a Reddit user.

A Redditor posted a creepy video of a flashing microwave that will make you want to clean your kitchen.


Reddit users were gagged by this microwave timerCredit: reddit/SatynMalanaphy

The video was posted to the popular Reddit thread r/Wellthatsucks by a user called SatynMalanaphy.

It’s captioned: “I tried to use the microwave at a friend’s house and saw the numbers flashing, so I took a closer look…”

At first the microwave looks very greasy.

However, as the video zooms in on the microwave’s digital timer, it reveals dozens of tiny insects crawling inside the microwave and onto the timer.

This causes the timer light to flash as if switching on and off.

There is speculation that the insects are cockroaches.

One of the bugs can even be seen running outside the greasy device.

The Reddit post has around 2,500 comments and some people are even claiming the same thing happened to them.

One Reddit user wrote: “This happened in a ***** college apartment I lived in last year. There were cockroaches inside the oven and mic timer -waves.

“One night I came to the kitchen for a drink of water after waking up parched, I turned on the light and there were cockroaches all over the four walls of the kitchen, on every cupboard, on the sink, fridge, stove, everywhere.

“Probably a good hundred. After three visits from exterminators, they were still there every night. I got out as soon as I could.”

Another Reddit user joked, “I would burn it all down.”

Bugs were inside and outside the microwave


Bugs were inside and outside the microwaveCredit: reddit/SatynMalanaphy

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