This sex toy brand is sending vibrators to anti-abortion supporters — Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott already have their own – Rolling Stone

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Brand of sex toys Emojibator is battling Texas’ anti-abortion bill one eggplant-shaped vibrator at a time.

The Philadelphia brand runs “Operation Eggplant,” a grassroots initiative targeting Texas Senate Bill 8, which allows private citizens to become bounty hunters of anyone involved in legal abortion after six weeks gestation. According to the brand, the goal of the Emojibator campaign is to “highlight the ‘eggplant in the womb’ by focusing on the blatant exclusion of father responsibility in any part of the project. Texas Heartbeat Law”.

But the means to that end are more unique: Emojibator lets its subscribers send 1,000 of its Eggplant Emojibator sex toys to Texas residents and anti-abortion advocates across the country. Participants can submit a request to send a vibrator to anyone, for free, via the Operation Eggplant webpage here.

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“We decided to raise awareness about these atrocious and unjust laws by creating a ‘buzz’ campaign and sending eggplant vibrators to Texas residents with the message ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ or ‘Enjoy Good Vibes’.” Emojibator CEO and Co-Founder Joe Vela Talks rolling stone.

So far, Operation Eggplant has been successful: “Ted Cruz’s office has received [an Emojibator] at his office in Texas and another in DC; Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, received one; and I’m sure other government officials, legislators, public figures have received our good vibes [too]Vela explains.

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As Vela notes, shippers can attach a personal message to their free vibrator care kit. Emojibator gives examples such as “Enjoy ‘Good Vibes’ in Texas and spread the buzz about dad’s lack of accountability in the bill” and “Abstinence won’t change the Texas bill, but it will will help say “Fuck you” with a smile.”

Emojibator almost hit their goal of sending out 1,000 eggplant toys, but they’re still accepting submissions while supplies last. Head toward to send yours. The brand also led in-person protests against the controversial measure with protesters dressed in matching eggplant-purple suits.

In addition to raising awareness, Opération Aubergine offers some concrete solutions to the problem of fathers’ irresponsibility. These include legislation that holds fathers accountable after six weeks (as pregnant women are) through DNA testing, legal liability for the fetus, and/or “kind of liability”. of the ‘bounty hunter’ type that pregnant women face in Texas,” Vela says.

Emojibator, for strangers, entered the sex toy market in 2016 with its Eggplant Emojibator vibrator (a nod to the insinuating use of the eggplant emoji). The compact vibrator (now available on Amazon), features a battery-powered motor with ten massage speeds. Encased in waterproof, body-safe silicone, it’s a cheeky and particularly accessible sex toy for beginners – though very capable of enhancing alone time for anyone.

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Following the success of Eggplant, Emojibator has since released other emoji-inspired sex toys, including a Chilli Emojibatora Pickle Emojibatorand one Emojibator chick (like a rubber duck only in vibrating chicken form). Like Eggplant, these toys are discreet, easy-to-use means of pleasure, and can all be purchased on Amazon.

Besides making great toys, Emojibator has always been about sending a message and changing the way we think about masturbation. “We believe that people of all genders, identities, disabilities and sexual orientations deserve products that are fun, accessible and safe,” says Vela. “We have [also] invested in creating educational content because there is so much shame and stigma. People deserve to have access to sex education. A society that celebrates pleasure is a happier and more fulfilled society.

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