Truck full of vibrators and lube spills all over the highway

There was a bit of a slippery situation on a highway in Oklahoma the other day when a tractor-trailer loaded with sex toys and lube wrecked and spilled its load all over the road!

A rollover accident involving a tractor-trailer and a box truck has occurred on I-40 in Oklahoma. The accident resulted in the complete closure of the freeway for hours while the cleanup took place. Now no one has officially come out to say what was being transported by the truck and it even created a bit of an awkward exchange between reporters.

You can pretty much tell exactly what the truck dumped once the camera zooms in! Luckily no one was hurt, but no idea what that will do for the price of sex toys and lube!


Countdown to the crush of man!

Those who regularly listen to Dave and Chuck the Freak probably know that James has an interesting approach when it comes to talking about other men.

Especially those who have beautiful bodies, are good at dancing, look above average, or have exemplary talent… but it’s not because he loves them romantically or sexually. It’s about normalizing guys who compliment other guys and not feeling weird about it.

There are plenty of celebs worthy of the man-in-love title, but here are James’ greatest loves and why!

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