Trussville calls special meeting to approve traffic lights, Trussville Social ABC app

By Hannah Curran, Editor-in-Chief

TRUSSVILLE – The Trussville City Council held a special session on Thursday, June 9 to authorize the request for additional traffic lights with Alabama Power, located between the Winn-Dixie-based mall and the Hamilton Place business subdivision park.

The City of Trussville wants to protect the safety of citizens and visitors traveling along Main Street, also known as US Highway 11.

“When the box is energized, the state must send an inspector to check the box after it is energized,” Mayor Buddy Choat said. “Once they’re satisfied, they turn the lights on and flash for up to two weeks. It’s just to let people know that the lights are there during night, day or anytime. When they feel comfortable, they will turn them on, then it’s our responsibility to maintain these lights.

Council member Jaime Anderson pointed out that the lights were paid for by the current park developers of the Hamilton Place commercial subdivision.

During the special session, the board also approved the ABC application for Trussville Social, located at 114 South Chalkville Road in Trussville.

The new restaurant will combine two buildings in the Entertainment District. One side will be where all the toilets, kitchen and offices will be, and the large main building “will be a large, wide open entertainment area with a bar in the middle”.

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Jeremy and Misty Reeves (Photo courtesy of Jeremy Reeves)

Jeremy and Misty Reeves are no strangers to catering. After moving to Trussville in September 2021, they saw a way to give back to the Trussville community. They announced the opening of their new business in early April 2022 and got off to a flying start.

Jeremy said one of their old slogans was ‘Where old friends gather and new ones meet’.

Jeremy originally hoped to open Trussville Social in early June, but during the special session he said the new goal would be to open July 1st.

Hopefully in two to three weeks, but the rest of the floors will be finished tomorrow and the Monday furniture has started to arrive,” Jeremy said. “We are close, so we need to get everyone on board and make sure we are adequately staffed, and everyone is trained and ready. I hope by the first we will open.

Jeremy said it was pretty amazing to see the changes they’ve made to the space, but the space isn’t the only aspect that will be amazing.

“We’ll be using our basic Gridirons menu which is all fresh, handmade burgers and we do a lot of different things like one of our burgers for example it doesn’t have a regular tomato it’s a kind of green tomato fries, instead of onions there are onion straws, then strawberry and pepper jam,” Jeremy said. “We do different creative things, but then we’ll have a chef’s menu like Thursday, Friday, Saturday night that will rotate with filet, bourbon-glazed salmon, smoked salmon, stuff like that.”

The outdoor area will have a grass area with cornhole and various other outdoor games. Inside there will be a pinball machine, shuffleboard and several different small games for children.

“Family Friendly, adult friendly, and we’ll also be doing live music about five days a week,” Jeremy said. “Sundays we’ll do brunch, we’ll have music during the day starting around noon.”

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