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Because they don’t have a screen, Amazon Echo smart speakers use colored lights to communicate their needs or get your attention. But what does Alexa want this time? Interpreting the lights on an Echo speaker isn’t always easy, and in some cases a color can mean several different things.

Point: Sometimes the easiest way to find out more about your Echo speaker is to ask it questions. If an Echo speaker is emitting a light that you don’t understand, try asking “Alexa, what does your light mean?” »

Blue or cyan: Alexa is listening, updating, or starting

The Amazon Echo smart speaker glows with blue light.

Your Echo speaker uses blue and cyan lights to communicate three key functions. And while it might seem a bit confusing, you can usually tell what’s going on by observing how the lights move, flash, or spin.

When you use Alexa’s wake word, your Echo speaker will glow with a solid blue ring. This ring contains a small bright spot of cyan which usually points towards the speaker. After you give Alexa a command, the blue light may flicker a bit to let you know Alexa is processing your request.

If a blue and cyan light circles around your Echo speaker, it’s powering up or updating. Alexa does not listen for commands during these processes. Keep in mind that Echo speakers can update without turning on any lights.

Yellow: new notifications, messages or reminders

The Amazon Echo smart speaker shines with a yellow light.
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When Alexa detects that you have an unread notification, message, or reminder, your Echo speaker flashes repeatedly with a burst of yellow light. This light will continue to flash until you have viewed all notifications, messages, or reminders.

You can view these notifications, messages, and reminders in the Alexa app. Or if you don’t mind Alexa broadcasting your business, you can just ask your Echo speaker, “What are my notifications?” or “What are my reminders?”

If an Echo speaker keeps flashing yellow, you can ask it to delete your messages, reminders, or notifications. You can also enable Do Not Disturb mode, which will prevent the light from flashing.

Red: microphone off

The Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker shines with a red light.
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Your Echo smart speaker will glow with a solid red light when its microphone is muted. Pressing the “Mute microphone” button again will remove the red light, but of course this will also unmute the speaker’s microphone.

According to Amazon, your Echo speaker only “listens” to you after you say a wake word. But there are still obvious privacy issues when using an internet-connected microphone. Hitting the mute button eliminates these issues, at least in theory. You can check what Alexa heard on Amazon Privacy Hub.

Green: Someone is calling

The Amazon Echo smart speaker shines with a green light.
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A flashing green light indicates that you are receiving a call. To answer the call from your Echo speaker, just say “answer”. Your Echo speaker will show a rotating green light for the duration of the call. To end the call (or avoid answering it), tell Alexa to “hang up” or “hang up the call”.

Your Echo speaker will also flash green during Drop-Ins. Family members in your home can use the Drop-Ins as an intercom system, and interestingly, you can add trusted contacts to your Drop-In list from the Alexa app.

If you want to disable calls or Drop-Ins on your Echo speaker, open the Alexa app and go to “Device Settings”. Then scroll down and find “Communication”. Open the Communication menu and disable these features.

Orange: configuration mode or connectivity problem

The Amazon Echo smart speaker glows with an orange light.
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Your Echo speaker will display a rotating orange light in setup mode. Curiously, this light will turn purple in the event of a connection error. The orange light should turn off when the Echo speaker setup is complete.

But if an Echo speaker flashes orange after setup, it’s having trouble connecting to the internet. It cannot process requests until it is reconnected. The amber light should spin as it tries to reconnect to your network.

If you can’t reconnect your Echo speaker to the internet, I suggest you wait a bit, as it could be a problem with Amazon’s servers. You can also try resetting Alexa from the Alexa app settings panel.

Purple: Do not disturb or a problem during setup

The Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker glows with purple light.
Amazon (Modified)

You try to talk to your Echo speaker, but it keeps turning on a purple light and ignoring you! That’s because it’s in Do Not Disturb mode. The speaker will not respond to your requests until you turn on Do Not Disturb mode.

You can always ask Alexa to turn Do Not Disturb mode on or off, and there’s a toggle for the feature in the Alexa app. Note that you can also schedule Do Not Disturb in the app.

Confusingly, Echo speakers sometimes glow purple if they can’t connect to the internet during setup. It’s an odd choice, given that Echo speakers typically show an amber light when a connection fails.

White: volume control or Alexa Guard Away mode

The Amazon Echo smart speaker emits white light.
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Echo speakers light up white when you adjust their volume. This white light will turn off when you turn down the volume, and it will flash if you try to exceed the minimum or maximum volume level.

If you’ve turned on Alexa Guard, a feature that listens for “danger sounds,” you might notice your Echo speaker glowing with a spinning white light. It just means that Alexa Guard is active, because the smart assistant thinks you’re not home. You can tell Alexa you’re home through the mobile app.

Can you turn off the lights on an Echo speaker?

A photo of Amazon's Alxa-compatible Echo smart speaker.

The lights on an Echo speaker can get a bit distracting, especially if you’re only using the speaker to stream music or listen to podcasts. But you can’t really turn these lights off. The best thing to do is turn on Do Not Disturb mode when your speaker is not in use.

Enabling Do Not Disturb will prevent notification, message, call, and barge lights from showing on your Echo speaker. Just ask Alexa to “turn on do not disturb mode” when you want some peace. Or schedule Do Not Disturb times in the Alexa app.

Keep in mind that Do Not Disturb will not stop timers, reminders, or alarms. It also prevents your Echo speaker from taking voice commands. You can ask Alexa to “Turn off Do Not Disturb Mode” if you want things back to normal.

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